Whitening Starter Kit


NIANCE Whitening Serum RADIANT is a strong skin lightener that renews the brightness and natural glow of the skin. Allow the purity of this serum to eliminate blemishes and blend perfectly into your skin for a radiant complexion to shine through.

NIANCE Whitening Fluid COMPLETE is an all-in-one super light SPF 50 cream that is a powerful daily anti-oxidant and skin rejuvenator. This energising and refreshing mix is the ideal way to protect your skin from daily pollution and the effects of blue light from your mobile devices.

NIANCE Whitening Mask NeuroRELAX is the ultimate way to get a smooth, even complexion. Packed with powerful ingredients, this unique and innovative product is the first generation of cosmetic active ingredient able to block the production of cortisol, the major stress hormone, and activates the release of a natural calming neuropeptide. The perfect solution for long term de-pigmentation it renews and nourishes skin for a bright, natural glow.

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